5 signs you need help with finding your next role by Career Mums

Here are 5 signs you might be ready to call in help to enable you to secure your ideal next role:

1. Not knowing where to start

Do you have a desire to change your employer, go back to work after a career break or change your career direction but feel overwhelmed, or perhaps lost or confused, before you even complete your first job application?

Getting some help to think through your desire and motivation in work is highly recommended. We are all unique and our motivations and ambitions can change at different stages of life. For example, if you have a young family, your motivations might be financial, as well as a desire to have adult interactions or perhaps you have more of a focus on returning to a professional role that you worked long and hard to gain your qualifications.

Through awareness of your motivations, you will be better able to target what you want to do and create a plan to make it happen. 

2. Applying for lots of different roles

Are you applying for lots of different roles across a range of industries, professions and contracts? Perhaps edging your bets that one of them might just be successful and when it does, that’s the job you will take?

It would be useful to speak to someone that can help you work out what it is that you want. What’s your dream role? What are your key skills and strengths? Where do you want to work? What’s the working environment like? What hours do you want to work and what do you want to be paid? Who’s your ideal work colleagues?

Knowing what you really want can be a useful starting point to re-starting your job search.

3. Not getting called for interview

If you’ve applied for a few roles but haven’t been shortlisted for an interview, it might be time to get some help to review why this might be happening.

Is your C.V. up to date and has it been tailored for the role that you are applying for? Does your covering letter (or email) contain a summary of how you fit the criteria for the role? Have you adequately explained any gaps on your c.v.?

Make sure your C.V. sells you for each role that you are applying for. (If you need further help read https://career-mums.co.uk/returners/how-to-update-your-cv/ for How to Update your CV)

4. Getting rejections after interviews

Getting a phone call, email or letter to say that you weren’t successful at an interview will affect the confidence of the strongest amongst us. If this happens multiple times it can be devastating and stop us on our mission to secure our ideal job.

It is useful to seek help from people who will be supportive and help you manage your mindset. Each role that you don’t get is an opportunity for learning, gaining feedback and moving you closer to securing a job that will be right for you. It may also give you the impetus to take specific actions such as gaining some interview practice or thinking about your initial impact and work on something as straightforward as your hand-shake and eye contact.

Manage your mindset so that you can recover from any setbacks and focus on achieving your ideal role. (if you need further help read https://career-mums.co.uk/returners/bouncing-back-interview-rejection/ for Bouncing back from interview rejection)

5. Getting a job offer and then deciding it’s not what you wanted

Congratulations – you’ve been offered a job … but then you get the sinking realisation that it’s not the job for you. If this happens, I strongly advice not taking the job and learn from your experience, going back to the drawing board. What are your motivations? What is your ideal job? How are you going to find it?

Be clear on what you ideally want and keep going.

Getting Help

We spend so much of our precious time working I’m sure you will agree that it is worthwhile investing the time and energy to successfully secure your ideal role that works for you and your family. If you are a returner, career changer or simply looking for a new role, there is lots of help and support available – perhaps from a friend, family member, the internet or using specialist career coaches, such as Career-Mums.

Sally and Nishi, the coaches behind Career-Mums, provide affordable career coaching by phone/Zoom videoconferencing to help you at any stage of your career search. Our standard Relaunch your Career programme consists of 3 x 1hr sessions and will help you get faster, effective results in your job search.

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5 signs you need help with finding your next role by Career Mums