A CareerJuice Success Story

For this month’s blog, we chatted with Lorraine Foster, a CIPD qualified HR Generalist Manager, to get her candid feedback on what it was like working with us to find her dream job. Lorraine was unhappy in her current role and was looking for her next adventure.

Lorraine, can you tell us a little about yourself 

My name is Lorraine Foster and I’m CIPD qualified, with over 25 years’ experience in HR Recruitment and Payroll. I am a people person who loves a challenge! I have worked in many sectors over the years, going from Hospitality to HR. I have found my niche, I love the interaction with others.

Outside of work I’m very family and friends orientated and like to spend my time catching up with everyone.  I absolutely love animals! Animals are my passion, which I luckily share with my husband and we frequently visit animal parks and zoos. I’ve even hand fed a tiger, which was surreal! I have 2 cats but would have a menagerie of animals if I had the room!

What were you doing before, what were your ambitions and how did you feel?

I was working as a Regional Recruitment Manager for a care company and it just wasn’t for me. I am more of a HR generalist and this was basically sales. I was unhappy and desperate to find a post where I could show my skills and experience and worth.

Can you tell us about the recruitment process with CareerJuice? What was it like dealing with them?

Absolutely amazing! Deborah was brilliant. Deborah contacted me out of the blue as she had seen my CV online.  She was looking to fill a role at Radio Links, which was perfect for me. I was so excited, I called her my Fairy Godmother.

Deborah set everything up with the interview and kept me updated throughout the process. She gave me knowledge of the company and what the owners were looking for in terms of experience and skills, so I was very well prepared.

How did it go when you started?

I got the job and it was the best thing I ever did, I loved it there. Everyone was friendly, the work was varied and I had a great rapport with my new boss. I was just so grateful to Deborah for contacting me because the role was perfect in every way. Deborah sent me good luck flowers and a card, which was so thoughtful and kind and met me for lunch once I had got settled in to see how I was getting on. She even visited at Christmas time to drop off some chocolates. It really was such great candidate and client service.

What are you doing now?

Sadly when COVID-19 hit I was furloughed due to lack of events and work for the company. I then made a very heart wrenching decision early this year to leave Radio Links and take another role elsewhere. However, after 6 months away I was contacted by Radio Links to ask if I would come back. I said yes in a heartbeat! So, I am delighted to say I am going back to Radio Links in a couple of weeks and I cannot wait! I’m staying there then till I retire!

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