Choose your Consultant Carefully

How well do you know your recruitment consultant?

In the UK, the recruitment industry delivers £35.1 billion of value to the economy and is predicted to grow by 18% over the next two years. A recruitment professional plays a vital role in boosting economic growth by placing the right candidates in the right positions and often advise on strategic, as well as operational requirements.

Anyone can claim to be a recruitment professional. However, in today’s climate, it’s essential that you know you are choosing someone you can rely on to provide you with ethical services and best practice.

But how do you do this?

Similar to other industry service providers, it should come as no surprise that the recruitment industry also has industry-specific qualifications and governing bodies that define best practice. In this blog, we will introduce you to two of the leading organisations, who provide governance for the recruitment industry and explain a little about who they are and why they are important.

The Institute of Recruitment Professionals

The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC for short) represents more than 3,000 recruitment businesses and more than 9,000 individual recruiters through its Institute of Recruitment Professionals (IRP). The IRP helps recruitment consultants demonstrate their commitment to best practice and world-class recruitment, through industry-specific qualifications, from the Level 2 Intermediate Apprenticeships in Recruitment Resourcing to the Level 5 Diploma in Recruitment Leadership, expert-led learning programmes, and continued professional development.

Being REC certified gives recruitment businesses the stamp of quality, demonstrating to clients that your agency strives to deliver the right people to the right job, every time.

Deborah Moulson, the founder of CareerJuice, entered the REC in 2017. Her training included:

· Understanding legal and ethical requirements in recruitment

· Understanding relationship management in recruitment

· Understanding recruitment operations

· Understanding the recruitment market

· Understanding the principles of assessing people

· Understanding the REC code of professional practice


TEAM is the UK’s largest network of independent Recruiters. The TEAM Professional Standards Committee (TPSC) oversee members’ working practices, ethics and the activities of the recruitment industry as a whole.

Being a member of TEAM also provides access to the UK’s leading job boards and CV search sites, meaning that we can search a wide range of options to find you the best candidates available in the market. In a dynamic industry, TEAM also circulates industry-specific news and legislative changes to its members, ensuring that they are compliant in their working practices at all times.

Here at CareerJuice, we are proud to be part of both the IRP and TEAM family, abiding by their respective profession codes of conduct and governance, at all times.

Do not assume that all consultants you deal with are qualified or have the necessary experience to assist you in your search for the perfect candidate. Ask to see their credentials and what governing organisations they are affiliated with. This doesn’t merely mean you are getting the best support, but also gives you the platform to make a formal complaint, should the agency not fulfil or negate on their obligations to you as a client.

The bottom line is to ask yourself one simple question. Would you trust your business and your greatest asset – your staff – with someone that wasn’t industry qualified?