Post Pandemic Recruitment


A further easing of COVID-19 restrictions and the reopening of more sectors of the economy spurred a marked increase in hiring activity in May, according to the latest KPMG and REC, UK Report on Jobs survey, compiled by IHS Markit. Permanent staff appointments rose at a record pace, while temp billings growth was also historically sharp. As a result, demand for workers increased at the fastest rate for over 23 years.

At the same time, the deterioration in staff supply intensified, with overall candidate availability declining at the quickest rate since May 2017. Lower staff supply and rising vacancies led to further increases in starting pay. Both starting salaries and temp pay expanded at sharper rates than in April.

You can read the full report here:,direction%20of%20change%20compared%20to%20the%20previous%20month.

Why use an external recruitment agency?

Finding the right talent can be a demanding process, particularly if you are looking for a particular set of skills. In the current climate, and factoring in the deterioration of staff supply, this process is even more challenging!

Working with a specialist recruiter, who has developed effective methods and benchmarks, will enable you to locate the right staff quicker.

When recruiting, it is not just about finding someone with the correct skillset; it is also about finding someone who will be the right fit for your company culture. A dedicated recruiter who knows both you and your business will only provide you with candidates that fit perfectly within your team and company culture. They will also have access to a much broader talent pool, including passive candidates who may not be actively looking for a new job.

Here at CareerJuice, we use both local and national job boards, in addition to our pool of candidates, to ensure maximum reach in finding the right talent. With our latest technology, such as Ordo, and extensive recruitment network, we have the reach to connect with the right people for the advertised role.

At CareerJuice, we operate a transparent fixed-fee model, ensuring that you have access to the best available talent at an affordable price.

To discuss your options, or to have an informal chat, please do not hesitate to give us a call on either 01904 501880 (York office) or 01480 595290 (Huntingdon office).