Recruitment Strategies For Call Centres

Here at Career Juice, we specialise in the recruitment and hiring needs of call centres and contact centres. High staff turnover in call centres is something that is accepted as ‘the norm’. However we don’t think it should be. Surely by attracting the right employees and offering the right packages you can retain the best talent within your call centre?

We have put together some recommended recruitment strategies for call centres to enable you to attract and retain the right call centre agents in your business.

Speak To Your Call Centre Agents

People in your business are a huge source for inside information. They will tell you what they love about the job, what doesn’t work in the business and the skills you need to look out for when recruiting new call centre agents. This can be done on a 1-2-1 basis, in a team meeting setting, or via confidential surveys if that works better. Survey Monkey can be really good for internal and confidential surveys like this.

It is also a good idea to involve your call centre agents in the recruitment process. Why not run ‘refer a friend’ bonuses where employees get a bonus or a pre-agreed prize when a friend joins the business as a call centre agent and stays 3 months, for example.

Check Your Glassdoor Reviews

You need to keep an eye on your glassdoor reviews Check what employees are saying about the business. Look at what makes them happy, and unhappy. Use the things that make them happy as call centre agents in job descriptions to describe the business, and then look at ways to improve on the negatives.

Your potential call centre agent will be looking for your glassdoor reviews. You need to make sure that you know what they say and what is being done to improve them.

Review Your Website

Your potential new call centre agents will be looking at your website to learn more about the sort of company they could be working for. Use this to your advantage. Use blog posts to share latest news, staff updates and the general company culture. Have team photos on your about us page and talk about internal promotions, employee longevity and similar topics.

Make sure your website links through to social media where the friendly and informal side of the business can be seen. Videos of the working environment can be a great idea too as they really show the potential new person, behind the scenes of the business.

Run A Career Day

A career day can be a really good way to promote your business and vacancies to multiple people at one time. Try and get some existing call centre agents involved to talk about the business and their job role. You could have existing employees in the interviews too.

A career day works really well at showing off your business and the call centre culture too. However to ensure that your career day is successful and not a waste of time you need to ensure your pre-screening is up to scratch so you only see potential candidates that are the right people for your job roles.

If you need any help with call centre agent recruitment, pre-screening, interviews or hiring new staff for your call centre then please call us directly. We would be happy to offer advice and guidance on your recruitment needs and the best way to recruit call centre agents.