Surviving the School holidays


In an interview back in March, Education Security Gavin Williamson announced that the Government was looking into the possibility of shortening school holidays and moving to a five-term school year for 2022/23.

While this may be good news for working parents, five weeks is still a long time to juggle work and children.

In this month’s blog, we offer some tips on how to get through the school holidays.

  • Plan Ahead!

For many parents, booking a couple of weeks off work is the most we can hope for! Make sure to book your dates early so you can secure the time off If you have a partner, coordinate, so you are each covering a part of the summer break. Overlap for some family time in the middle!


  • Involve Other People

Friends and family with children will have the same struggles. Using each other for childminding and support is mutually beneficial.


  • Out of School Clubs

These days, you will find a lot of places offering out of school activities for all ages. Look at what your school, local sports centre, or clubs, even your local church is offers. Usually, you can book activities for a single day or opt to enrol in their weekly sessions.


  • Make a spreadsheet

Who doesn’t love a spreadsheet?! Stay organised by detailing your work and free days, combined with the planned activities for the kids, whether it be with you, a friend, or the local activity centre. Pop the spreadsheet on the fridge, and then everyone will know what they are doing and when, kids and adults alike!


  • Manage money wisely!

Not only are the holidays a stretch in terms of time, but they can be expensive too.

  • Look for free or subsidised entertainment, such as museums and galleries.
  • Arrange to meet friends at the local park or spend a few hours at the local soft play centre.
  • Stock up on some cheap craft supplies for some outdoor, messy play fun.
  • Organise a treasure hunt at your nearby country park or woods with ice cream as the reward!
  • If the weather forecast looks promising, invest in a pool for the garden, hours of free entertainment at minimal cost!
  • Look for some “out of season” entertainment – these will be much cheaper and less busy than hitting the hot spots during peak season.


  • Plan a Grand Finale

Plan to take the kids somewhere special at the end of the holidays. It gives you all something to look forward to and marks the end of a long 6/7 weeks, signalling a return to the norm. It can also be positioned as a reward for good behaviour!

Whatever you choose to do during the school holidays, we can all look forward to much-needed freedom this year! Be prepared, be organised but, most importantly, have fun!