The Benefits of Hiring Temporary Staff during Covid-19

Hiring temporary members of staff can provide many benefits

Temps can be a beneficial solution for businesses who are looking to effectively navigate times of transition or change, or guide a business in a new direction. It might be that you have a big project you are about to kick off, you have a member of staff about to go on maternity or paternity leave, or you simply need an extra pair of hands.

This is particularly relevant at the moment. During these strange times that we are currently living in, it is not possible for every business to temporary close down or perform their functions remotely. For many businesses, keyworker sectors being a prime example, temporary staff have played a vital role in allowing many organisations to continue to meet their markets’ needs.

Hiring temporary staff and hiring permanent employees are two completely different processes and job specifications should be written accordingly. For example, when on-boarding a permanent member of staff, personality, loyalty and commitment may be key candidate traits for the role you are advertising. When hiring for the short term, these traits can be less critical.

Here are some of the main benefits of bringing a contract or temporary employee on-board to meet your short term requirements:

Reduced Costs

Employing temporary staff through CareerJuice means that your only costs are a pre-agreed hourly rate. Payroll, National Insurance Contributions and Holiday are all handled by our experienced team, meaning that the only thing you need to do is sign a timesheet at the end of each week!

Shorter Hiring Times

The process for hiring temporary employees is much quicker! At CareerJuice, we have a wide range of candidates on our books, ready to be matched to the specific technical skills you are looking for. Whether you need someone for just a day or a more extended term project, we could have someone with you by the next working day.

Instant Impact

As temporary staff are hired for a particular purpose, they typically do not need to spend weeks familiarising themselves with the working environment, be trained on a wealth of new systems or undergo any long term training. Their sole remit is to add value to your business by undertaking a specific activity that they can pick up and run with from the moment they walk through the door.

Highly Skilled

Temporary staff usually have a specific skill set and are accustomed to working on specialist projects or tasks. Bringing a highly trained individual on-board can help drive your business forward.

New Perspectives

Sometimes it just needs one outsider, with a fresh pair of eyes, to completely change how a process or business operates. The more temps you hire, the more opportunities there are to breathe some new life into your business.


Perhaps the single most recognised benefit of hiring temporary employees is that they are flexible. They allow you to react to business or market needs, as they happen. They can also help you to establish whether your short term need is a long term requirement.

If you want to discuss how hiring temporary members of staff may help your business, give us a call on 07818 504480.