The Benefits Of Outsourced Recruitment

Can I tell you something? I think the old recruitment model is broken!

There are so many companies out there that are trying to reduce their dependency on recruitment agencies as a way to limit their costs. Some companies are creating roles for internal recruiters to try and reduce their reliance and costs on recruitment agencies.

An internal recruiter is great because she or he is within your business. They know your business inside and out, and they can be available to recruit new employees into your team at the drop of a hat.

However, the downside of an internal recruiter in a business is that when there are no roles to recruit for, what does that person do? An internal recruiter incurs costs in a different way because you are paying for them to be their everyday, even when you don’t need them. You are also paying for office equipment so they can do their job, and giving them space in your workplace that could be used for something else. You also need to pay their national insurance, holiday pay, sick pay, pension and more.

Is there another option?

Yes! Why not look into outsourced recruitment? Outsourced recruitment means that you can have a fully trained and experienced recruitment professional representing your brand. They don’t need to work from your office  (but can if preferred) and you don’t need to pay their holiday, national insurance, pension or sick leave.

Outsourced recruitment allows you to have an outsourced recruitment manager working for you and offering a service that is cheaper than the average cost of 1.5 permanent placement with an agency per month!

Here at CareerJuice we offer an Outsourced Recruitment package. Within the cost of this package we will review your entire recruitment process and make recommendations to improve it. We will review all job specs and descriptions before improving them to get the right candidates to your business.

We will write a legally compliant and compelling advert. We will also help you understand Glassdoor reviews and marketing. On top of this we will discuss the implementation of refer a friend schemes to help with your recruitment needs.

Included in our outsourced recruitment service we will review/ support/action  the interview process, testing of candidates, referencing, on boarding and welcoming new employees too.

If you love the sound of our Outsourced Recruitment services and want to know more then why not give us a call? We can take that recruitment pain away from you and ensure you get the best talent for your business, talent that will help drive your business forward.