Recruitment Services

Recruitment on Subscription:

If you are recruiting  throughout the year, rather than paying thousands per hire in fees, why not pay us a monthly subscription to become your internal recruiter on a day rate for an unlimited number of hires. This can save you thousands and your allocated Consultant really gets to know you and your business well. This can be great value to ensure you get the very best talent, without the headache!

Temporary and Contract Staffing:

Prices provided on enquiry, advice also provided on market rates. Please get in touch and we can discuss this. You will find that we are very competitive in the market.

Should you have a short-term assignment or projects you require immediate or planned cover for, for example, peaks in workload, new contracts, sickness, parental leave or holiday cover. We can find you the best talent available at that time. All of our workers are fully complaint and we would deal with the payroll and any queries that come up. All you need to do is sign the timesheet! This is a great option for companies who require some support based at their premises. The charge rate per hour depends on what you want to pay the worker, however we can discuss this and we can advise what the right rate is for the work and come to an agreement.

Permanent Recruitment:

Career juice, understands that all companies are different and therefore can be flexible in their approach. If it works out better for you to have a fixed rate or a percentage rate, that is fine, let's discuss to find the best way forward for you. 

We can organise the entire recruitment campaign, saving you time, money and resources. We can assist with writing job descriptions, attend and organise assessment days as well as write the adverts, place them on the various job boards, vet the response, interview the candidates, shortlist the best 4 and then organise interviews with you in whatever format you want. We handle all the negotiation on your behalf and send out offer letters. Follow-up checks are made from checking the candidate in on the first day, to checks on how they are progressing and also the same checks made with the candidate in order to make sure both you and candidate are happy. Basically, we tailor your recruitment campaign around you and find you the right fit for your company.  Permanent recruitment can also come with a rebate scheme, making this one of the safest and most cost-effective ways to recruit. You do not pay a penny until you find the right candidate.  

Bespoke CV Writing

JWCV’s is a unique bespoke CV writing and consultancy, specialising in creating tailored CV’s that focus on highlighting achievements and improving personal brands that will give all candidates a competitive advantage when applying for any new position.

Our personalised approach will create CV’s that align to your chosen role, ensuring transferable skills are captured, align to ATS software whilst ensuring your personality is embedded to really help showcase why you would be a successful applicant.

All candidates receive a call back from to discuss the detail of their CV, ensuring achievements are highlighted and discuss how to best utilise their examples for interview preparation.

We are proud to be chosen as a preferred supplier with Career Juice. An independent family run recruitment agency that are passionate about helping businesses find the right talent, ensuring candidates feel confident and are equipped with right skills, passion and ability to have a successful career. 

JWCV’s are offering our specialised service at a discounted rate specifically for Career Juice! If you find your perfect job through their agency but not quite sure your CV is ready, contact JWCV’s on the details below, quoting the job reference number and one of our professionals will contact you for a free consultation.


Contact: 07843559414

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